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Real Talk: Beginning of My Fitness Journey.

Every individual has their own goal while working out; I work out not necessarily to lose weight but to lose fat and gain muscles. I…

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Zerry’s First Day at the Daycare Center.

Since Zerry was born, she has never attended daycare. We were taking her to her babysitter who we all like. For the first time, we…

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Happy Birthday Dee!

We are very grateful to have you as a best friend, husband, and baba. Thank you for always being there for us. It is another…

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Happy Father’s Day Dee

Happy Father’s day to my husband and my best friend Dee. Thank you for being the best dad to our kids. When we had our…

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Baby Abraham’s Arrival

Baby Abraham is here. It was very long 9 months. For those who read my previous post would know how my pregnancy went. We are…

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Hair Care for Zerry

Hello everyone, So Donavon and I have been trying to find a so called perfect products for Zerry’s hair. Every product we use, after an…

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Hwayugi (화유기) Review

Did you know “Hwayugi” is the reinterpretation of the Chinese classic novel which is also made to a tv show “Journey to the West” i…

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Criminal Minds Season 12 (Review)

Last week was episode 19th!!!!!! season 12 is almost over and I am still heart broken. Reid is still in Jail! I hope they find…

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Rubberband Box Braids( Rasta za Rababendi)

Wiki iliopita niliingia youtube kuangalia style rahisi ya kusuka. Katika pita pita yangu nikaona style ya rasta ambayo unatumia rababendi, nikasema enh style si ndio…

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Pregnancy Story

Who would have thought we were going to have another child after the tubal pregnancy that led me to lose my right tube ( another…

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