About us

About our Story:

I am Maryam. I was born on an island called Zanzibar and raised in Tanzania mainland. I went to school in a city along the Indian Ocean called Tanga. After I finished high school in 2011, I got an opportunity to come to the US and continue with college. Begging of 2015, I met Donavon a few months later we got married. A year then, we had our first little girl, Zerry. As a multicultural family, we have to learn a lot of things about each other for our small family to blend. It is not as easy as everyone thinks, but we are going to share our experiences in Bongovibez.

Bongovibez is the name I came up with about four years ago. Bongo means Dar-es-salaam a city in Tanzania, and vibez means swag. The idea of this blog is to share what my family and I love to do in life, which is Learning about different cultures(languages, food, etc.), sewing, camping, hiking, dancing Etc. The blog is in both languages Swahili, English, and sometimes other foreign languages since I love learning new languages. In this blog, I am not following the rules of blog writing cause I write what I feel, so you will see languages are mixed.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters

Andrey Hepburn