Baby Abraham’s Arrival

Baby Abraham is here. It was very long 9 months. For those who read my previous post would know how my pregnancy went. We are very thankful that we went from caesarean (with Zariha) to VBAC (with Abraham)


Due to previous caesarean, We were worried that we would have to have another caesarean. After talking to my Doctor, he told us we can try VBAC. I started reading and watching videos that my doctor sent to me about VBAC. Finally got to understand and i was less worried about it. The side effects are really scary but i didn’t let them get to me. I still wanted to try.

On 23rd Baby Abraham came, Thank God it was VBAC. We could not be more happier. Our little man came 7lb 2.7 oz and healthy. Now Zerry is a big sister and she can’t stop give her brother kisses.

Author: Mamu

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