Criminal Minds Season 12 (Review)

Last week was episode 19th!!!!!! season 12 is almost over and I am still heart broken. Reid is still in Jail! I hope they find “Mr Scratch”   and proof Reid’s Innocence. This season two of my favorite casts were not in the show, but I still like the show.  From what I read in the news  Shemar Moore who acted as Derek Morgan is out because of personal reasons but Thomas Gibson who acted as Aaron Hotchner was terminated.

Having new casts like Adam Rodriguez ( Luke) and Damon Gupton ( Walker) is exciting and I like their characters too.

One big news i saw is that Derek Morgan is coming back………….. to help the BAU to find Mr Scratch, cant wait for this, it will be in episode 22! Cant wait for Reid to get out of prison

Agent Reid in Prison

Prentiss make a very good leader, at first when i heard Hotch is leaving i thought Rossi is going to take over in te BAU and when i saw Prentiss I was so happy. When Derek left and Luke came i thought Garcia will be close to Luke but guess what the season i almost over, and they are not even good friends, at least Luke is trying LOL!!!!!!!!

Well season 13 is renewed and I hope i will see more of BAU members’ families. other than that I love Criminal Minds it is one of the best shows I have ever watched.

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