Hair Care for Zerry

Hello everyone,

So Donavon and I have been trying to find a so called perfect products for Zerry’s hair. Every product we use, after an hour her hair gets very dry. After doing some research we decided to make hair oil for her hair and we use moisturizers which i will talk to about them next time. We got raw oil ingredients

  • Raw Shea butter
  • African Pure coconut oil
  • Natural Jojoba oil
  • Natural Castor Oil
  • Natural Olive oil
  • Essential oils (I used Peppermint)

I mixed them together and froze it for the night.

The oil works perfect on her scalp, and moisturizes her hair perfectly that we only put the hair oil three times a week instead of everyday, and her hair stay moisturized till our wash day which is Sunday.

Author: Mamu

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