Pregnancy Story

Who would have thought we were going to have another child after the tubal pregnancy that led me to lose my right tube ( another day post). On August, which was a year after the tubal pregnancy started feeling weird, I could not eat, and I was always tired. One day I just went to the pharmacy and got the test, I used all the three pregnancy tests they were all positive, and we still could not believe. We made an appointment to see the OB, and the pregnancy was confirmed, and my OB made sure it was not ectopic like the previous pregnancy.

This period was my worst nightmare. I could not eat anything or drink. Everything I tried to eat came out. My weight went down very quickly. I was always sick to my stomach, and nothing smelled good to me. I stopped working out because I did not have the energy to go to the gym. I missed a lot of my gym classes that including Barbell(weightlifting class) Zumba, Pop Pilates, and my 60 days challenge classes. I met with a nutritionist at the gym to see what food will be good for me at this time. The first thing she asked what food sounds good to you. I was like 😒 “All the food that I quit eating before this pregnancy“ that including potatoes 🥔 red meat, bread e.t.c what the nutritionist said at this point you need to eat what you crave in little portion to get energy. I got the same advice from my OB. Also, I have prescribed some medications that help with nausea a lot. I had to take nausea medicine at night for me to feel better the next day. Some days I forgot to take my meds, and the next day I was miserable 😖🤮 all day. I lost more than 20 pounds in the first trimester. Dee and I were worried, and my OB was concerned.

After the fourth month, I started feeling better stopped the medicines and I was eating fine, nausea was getting better.

7 months Pregnant

Body, hormonal, emotional, sleep changes: After the hard 4 months of morning sickness, my body was very weak. Later in the pregnancy, my body started swollen up ( Feet and hands) which I never experience with my first pregnancy. It really freaked me out. The swelling started at 36 weeks on… both my hand and feet. These 9 months were very emotional for me, it was hard to fall asleep which was not normal for me. I just could not wait to meet our newest member of the family.

Food: As I mentioned above I couldn’t eat much because of my nausea. I hated the smell of steak, onions, garlic and a lot more.

Activities: I didn’t work out or do much during this pregnancy. Since I was not eating, I didn’t have the energy to work out so I had to freeze my gym membership for a while. In my last trimester, my feet were getting numb so I couldn’t do much either.

Maternity clothes: I really did not get maternity clothes. Cause i stomach was not really big for me to wear maternity pants, I tried to wear the maternity pants that I had from my first pregnancy it didn’t work. By the time my stomach got bigger which was around 7-8months it was too late for me to actually buy maternity clothes.

My pregnancy journey ended on April 23 …

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