Real Talk: Beginning of My Fitness Journey.

Every individual has their own goal while working out; I work out not necessarily to lose weight but to lose fat and gain muscles. I am okay with my current weight, which is 153 lbs. I have been researching a lot about the different workout that will help me reach my goal, which is to lose fat and gain muscles. From what I have learned, we have different bodies, what works for you might not work for me. I started my healthy journey officially on July 1, before that I was going to the gym here and there and nothing serious. I am planning to share the journey no matter what. The reason I am saying that is because I browse a lot of stories about workouts and healthy habits, but most of them do not share what hardship they go through. All you see is from 0 to 100, but I don’t understand what happened in between the process. My journey so far is as follows:

The measurement was taken from Inbody equipment

If you followed my other posts, you would know that I just had a baby about two and a half month ago. My original weight before the pregnancy was 156 lbs. So my whole pregnancy, I gain 4 lbs because the day before I had the baby I was 160 lbs. June 1, I was 158 lbs as you see in the picture I use Inbody equipment to track my progress. By July 1 was still 158 lbs and that is the first day of my workout and healthy lifestyle.

I got to the gym four days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( workout) Saturday I go for Zumba. I just started my third week, week one and two were experiment weeks to know what works for me as you see in the picture. The first week I only did weights as you see in the photo my muscle mass increased a little bit and body fat went down a little bit. Week two, I only did cardio; I ran and did steps. As you see in picture week two, I lost weight gained fat, and my muscle mass went down. Both weeks I have been doing metabolic confusion were some days I eat cabs some days I do not. This week which is the third week I am doing both little cardio and more weights. I am eating the same diet. By Friday I want to see how I am doing this week.

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